Euro-Caribbean Management Services
Nassau, Bahamas

Introduction to Euro-Caribbean Management Services Limited

For many centuries people have sought to preserve their Assets. In early times goats, sheep and cattle were the means of livelihood and wealth. It required constant vigilance to guard them. Nothing has changed between then and now except that wealth now includes property, money, stocks and shares. The dangers however have increased.

Invasion, war and coups have destroyed many a family's wealth in the last 100 years. Today's modern dangers also include predatory law suits, and Divorce. The financial earthquake starting in September 2008 has also shown how much care needs to be taken with Investments.

Such dramatic upheavals in the global markets have rendered most previously employed economic and financial models obsolete; predicting the future has become increasingly difficult and is fraught with danger.

How can I preserve my Assets and guard against these many dangers is a question almost every person of wealth, great or small, will ask. For many there will be no easy answer. For the few who seek an answer there is always something that can be done. The prudent person does not keep all his eggs in one basket. He puts a portion aside in safety against the dangers of today's world.

It is envisaged that the current financial problems will precipitate regulations in respect to governmental exchange of information in respect to certain matters. Thus Asset Protection structures should be drawn up in anticipation of the introduction of such regulations as local law. That should not affect genuine reasons for the use of such structures as conservation of what a person or family may have left is a matter of concern worldwide.