Euro-Caribbean Management Services
Nassau, Bahamas


ECMS was incorporated to provide company managment services for International Business Companies and was designated Non Resident under the Exchange Control Regulations 1956 by the Central Bank of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas on the 9th January 1991. ECMS is fully licensed by the Central Bank of The Bahamas (Reg. No: 37,965) having obtained a Financial and Corporate Service Providers License (No: 90/55) in 2001. It is covered by the Financial and Corporate Service Providers Act 2000 (No: 40 of 2000).

This process entailed submission of the details of key personnel and Government approval in respect thereto. This license is in full force and good standing.

ECMS has a highly qualified team of multi-lingual financial professionals with substantial background in banking, trust and offshore work with a 'hands-on' approach to business matters and a depth of knowledge in what can be legitimately be done to preserve one's Assets.

This enables us to work closely, on a 'one on one' basis with our clients, understanding their specific concerns, needs, requirements in order to provide a tailor-made, individual solution that will satisfy even the most demanding and challenging terms of a mandate.

ECMS as a Bahamian incorporated and Bahamian licensed firm has no offices or representatives anywhere in the world outside the Bahamas. This is helpful as private client data is protected by privacy laws and fishing expeditions have difficulty in succeeding.

We pride ourselves in maintaining this independent and secure status to the fullest benefit of the anonymity and protection of our clients and our client's data.

By using a secure offshore server network special care is used to protect data. However clients must take their own precautions and the use of courier and fax services is recommended for confidential information.

Expertise & Experience
Finding answers to today's problems in protecting one's assets requires experience and knowledge acquired over many years. In this respect the ECMS group has over 100 years in a variety of backgrounds and with professional qualifications which help to find the best way forward to attain protection and preservation.