Euro-Caribbean Management Services
Nassau, Bahamas

ECMS Directors

Anthony J.R. Howorth, B.A. (Oxon)., A.C.I.B., President
Founder and President
Born in England in 1938 and a resident of Nassau, Bahamas since 1974, Mr. Howorth holds a law degree from Oxford University and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers Association, London, holding their Trustee Diploma. Mr. Howorth has over 28 years experience in the international trust business, including 16 years with the RoyWest Group of Trust Companies in senior management positions. From September 1990 to November 1991 he was managing director of European Bank & Trust Limited, a private Bahamas bank, licensed to conduct international banking and trust business.

Robert Montgomery
Vice President and Treasurer
Born in 1937 as a British citizen, Mr Montgomery has been a resident of the Bahamas for over 30 years. He attended Cheltenham College in the U.K. and then qualified as a Chartered Accountant with the English Institute of Chartered Accountants.

His work experience includes management positions with Price Waterhouse & Co in London, as well as the position of Financial Controler for M.S.L. London.

Mr Montgomery was the principal and President of Leadenhall Management Company and Leadenhall Trust Company in the Bahamas for a combined period of 17 years. He was also a trust officer for Arawak Trust Co, Bahamas and co-owner of Asset Protection Ltd., Bahamas, for 17 years.

Axel von Schubert
Vice President, International Business Development
Born in 1959, as a German national, he has been a resident of the Bahamas since 1991. Mr von Schubert has over 25 years experience as an international legal advisor and senior consultant to family offices and private clients around the world with a special focus on structuring asset protection vehicles and assisting with private banking- and wealth management matters. His clients include the German fashion house MCM and the Russian airline AEROFLOT as well as a number of European and foreign celebrities.

He has advised clients on offshore residence matters in various jurisdictions. His activity has included the structuring of private and publicly listed investment funds in various countries and very successful capital raises for property and resort development projects on numerous global markets.

Mr von Schubert is fluent in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Axel von Schubert has written numerous publications on offshore investing and offshore asset protection, the latest of which a publication about Family offices and investing in Russia. 328-Kb PDF file

Michael Gomez
Vice-President and Secretary
Mr Gomez is a Bahamian citizen and resident who holds a Business degree from Boston University. He possesses a long standing career in mortage lending in the Bahamas with substantial experience in corporate and offshore matters.

He is also President of his Bahamian Land Development Company and a Mortgage Brokerage company in Nassau.