Euro-Caribbean Management Services
Nassau, Bahamas

About the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a fully independent offshore jurisdiction, having gained its independence from England on July 10th, 1973.

As a picturesque 700+ island archipelago off the south-eastern coast of Florida, famous for its crystalline waters and powder white sand beaches, it has enjoyed political stability and its popularly elected parliament traces its heritage to the House of Assembly, which first met in 1729.

The Bahamas are a member state of the Caribbean Community, CARICOM and 50% of its GDP is related to tourism. New investments in hotels, resorts and developments range from billion-dollar mega-projects on Paradise Island and Cable Beach to distinctive communities on the Out islands. There are currently over US$ 18.8 Billion in development projects underway.

The country is easily accessible from Europe through 5 flights a week on British Airways from London directly to the capital, Nassau, including a weekly flight from Paris.

There are dozens of regular, scheduled flights from many US and Canadian cities every day.

More information on The Bahamas can be found on the Bahamas Government website.

The Bahamas have undoubtedly evolved over the last 3 decades into one of world's foremost and widely recognized offshore centres, having carved out a niche for over 250 licensed banks and trust companies. One of the greatest appeals of using the Bahamas as a domicile for corporate and financial services is its tax-free status; no taxes are levied on personal income, capital gains, corporate earnings, sales, inheritance or dividends.

After being named the best International Financial Centre in the Americas in early 2006, The Bahamas financial services industry continues to evolve. The Bahamas is responding to the appetite for new asset management solutions by offering innovative products, introducing new legislation and improving service efficiency.

Among the top reasons to choose the Bahamas:

  • No taxes on personal income, capital gains, corporate earnings, sales, inheritance or dividends
  • Independence
  • Common law system with independent judiciary
  • Sound economy guided by prudent fiscal policy
  • Proactive incentives for investment
  • Safe investment environment
  • Skilled professionals
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Excellent telecommunications and corporate services
  • Perfect 'year round' climate for leisure and high quality of living